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It is never too late to improve or consolidate your industrial performance!

For many operators, business in the Aeronautics sector continues to thrive – so much so that workloads are a concern. But what about performance, margins and production capacity? How can you take advantage of the situation to boost the performance of your production sites? This will enable you to manage investments better and ensure they produce more operational results with a full order book. In addition, they will improve your ability to honour commitments to your clients, especially in terms of quality and delivery times.

However, the aeronautical and defence industries are also experiencing certain common problems. Indeed, whereas the research and development phase may lead to impressive technical and sales promises, there are often setbacks in the industrialisation phase.

Are your scarce key engineering skills all working in synergy towards the same goal? How has your engineering assimilated the customer dimension, the customer service and the customer experience?

In these areas, is your R&D still as innovative, as contributing to corporate profitability and product industrialisation as before?

The shrinkage of national defence markets is due to the fact that industrial companies in the sector are seeking to form European alliances. Given your level of performance, are you powerful enough to influence negotiations?

On the national level, you may be tempted to consolidate your position in the support and operational-maintenance markets, but what impact will that have on your competitiveness compared to new players who may be better organized, more profitable and efficient? Operational-maintenance contracts are now more competitive. Will you be able to win them in future?

The Eurogroup Consulting team can help you find answers to these questions.

L'offre Eurogroup Consulting - Aeronautics & Defence Eurogroup Consulting



- Development of your manoeuvrability and flexibility in both R&D and manufacturing. 
- Optimisation of your project portfolios and programmes.
- Modularity/configuration management
- Shortening of Time to Market


- Improving the performance of the different fields of activity (engineering, manufacturing, logistics, maintenance, services)
- Operational excellence
- Cost reduction


- Simplifying management tasks
- Successful transformation and change
- Anticipating evolutions in HR management, skills development

Customer satisfaction

- Customer satisfaction and internal and external service quality
- Developing sales performance

Aeronautics & Defence Eurogroup Consulting

Aeronautics & Defence Eurogroup Consulting