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The Modernisation of Public Action: a new chapter in governmental reform

For many years, there have been ongoing efforts to modernize government. The basic aim is to implement public policy decisions more effectively, improve the quality of public services provided by the administration, and reduce public expenditure.

Establishing a broader perimeter, that encompasses the state, with the reform of operators (including social-security entities) and local authorities.

Adopting a more participatory approach by involving agents and users on the basis of their expectations or their expression of potential lines of innovation in order to identify measures to improve public initiatives.

Analyzing the modernization requirements in more detail and the final aims of public initiatives, through the broader systematic assessment of joint public policies, is a great task still to be undertaken.

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Planning of strategies and governance plans

- Developing ministerial modernization and simplification projects.
- Drawing up service projects / transformation projects. 
- Creating, contracting and guiding operators (objectives and performance contracts). 

Transformation programmes

- Improvement of reception. 
- Administrative simplification.
- Organizational projects.
- Support-function performance.

Design of digital public services / e-administration

- New digital services for users. 

Assessment of public policies

- Expressing needs, framing objectives.
- Leading participatory approaches.

State Eurogroup Consulting

State Eurogroup Consulting