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New public-health needs (an ageing population, an increase in chronic illnesses), the necessity to control expenditures, enhanced patient roles (health democracy, quality of care and service supply) are among the main structural challenges for today's healthcare industry.

All operators – treatment producers, healthcare industries and agencies, supervisors and regulators – are confronted with these issues.

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Care producers: the modernization objective

- Planning, configuring and directing strategic plans
- Service offer
- Facilitating the patient itinerary
- Mobilizing staff / supporting change
- Optimizing support functions
- Reconfiguring the HR function as a lever for performance
- Aligning hospital information systems to reflect strategic choices

Agencies, supervisors and regulators: the optimisation objective

- Planning, configuring and directing strategic plans
- Developing standard tools for health agencies
- Modernising information systems

Private / public sources of funds for the supply of treatment: the equilibrium objective

- Managing mergers of mutual funds and joint bodies 
- Developing commercial networks and strategies
- Designing policy and strategy projects
- Conducting organizational optimization audits and assignments

Healthcare industries: the innovation objective

- Developing managerial culture
- Conducting market and innovation research
- Optimizing logistics / supply chain
- Reorganizing the IS function

Health Eurogroup Consulting

Health Eurogroup Consulting