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Guaranteeing secure supply, improving the energy mix, finding new sources of oil, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency, fighting climate change, managing massive urban development and energy insecurity are all part of the challenges private and public energy operators face today.

At the beginning of the chain, the question of finance and whether industrial strategies are suited to develop renewable energies is more relevant than ever. The cost of renewables is still significantly higher than that of fossil or nuclear energy. 

Security regarding the supply is a core issue for European network managers. Solutions usually involve either solely optimizing power interconnections, to ensure an enhanced balance, or increasing the volume of gas reserves, to limit the risk of shortages for households.

With the introduction of new concrete policies, smart networks have demonstrated their ability to improve management of demand and moments of peak consumption, facilitate the inclusion of renewable energies and support the development of new technologies, such as electric vehicles. The energy sector has adopted industry standards that ensure the interoperability of information and communication systems and product standardization. Today, it must meet the challenge of ‘Big Data’ and provide secure data protection.

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Strategic and regulatory developments

- Participating in international strategies for the organization and regulation of energy sectors.
- Constructing strategic plans for sectors and operators.
- Operationally tailoring regulatory plans.

Sales and marketing efficiency

- Framing marketing roadmaps and implementing them.
- Optimizing multichannel customer relations, especially via digital tools, and improving sales performance and customer satisfaction.
- Optimizing production and logistics processes.

Organizational transformation

- Framing and steering transformation programs.
- Developing support organizations and functions (human resources, management and finance, purchasing, property, information systems, legal).
- Suggesting innovative mobilization and managerial performance techniques.
- Setting in motion and supporting digital changes.
- Setting up corporate social responsibility reports.

Energy Eurogroup Consulting

Energy Eurogroup Consulting