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In an increasingly competitive world, French companies facing productivity challenges add performance projects to their short and medium-term roadmaps. Similarly, authorities that need to deal with cost-cutting targets are also developing performance projects.

All the links in the value chain are impacted by these operational performance projects: load and capacity balancing, flow optimisation, investment productivity, purchasing optimisation, time to market, etc.

The success of this type of project is twofold

Firstly, it ensures the lasting achievement of results where organizations under pressure frequently show diminishing performance over time. So the issue is to link the implementation of operational-performance projects with the development of a culture of continual improvement.

Secondly, it mobilizes stakeholders around the project. This aspect can be delicate, since operational teams can feel threatened and so be reluctant to mobilize behind the project. In the solution diagnosis and production phase, only the staff involved really know the operational function of a process or organization, so without their involvement, recommendations will be of doubtful value. The success of projects executed with the participation of managers alone may theoretically be possible, but the practical outcome will be very different. In the implementation phase, it is obviously essential to mobilize operational staff. Here again, this may be difficult to achieve if they do not feel they have played a substantial part in the precursor phases.

The Operation practice developed by Eurogroup Consulting assists private and public organizations with their transformation projects, from the diagnosis to the implementation. At Eurogroup, the practice works on both ‘manufacturing’ functions (logistics, production, R&D, quality, purchasing, etc.) and ‘support’ functions (accounting, HR, IT, etc.). We focus our expectations on stakeholder mobilization, especially in terms of operational personnel, and on the lasting achievement of quantifiable results.

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Optimising Order to Cash

- Liquid assets are one of a company’s sinews of war and the Order to Cash process is transversal to the company. Genuine levers exist to optimise this process, related to the large number of sub-processes involved and the number of departments it impacts: sales, logistics, production, accounts.

Optimising Time to Market

- The Time to Market process plays a vital role for companies because of the increasing importance of innovation in securing competitive advantage.

Our practice has developed established expert skills in this area. One of the innovatory aspects of our approach is to increase the use of existing capacity in R&D departments through better planning.

Identifying a company’s level of operational excellence and improving it

- In two to four weeks, we are able to estimate a company’s level of maturity in relation to all or part of its operational functions (production, purchasing, logistics, maintenance, etc.). Following this diagnosis, we present an operational plan of action with an estimation of related benefits. We also assist companies in the execution of their performance plan.

Operations Eurogroup Consulting

Operations Eurogroup Consulting