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The digital revolution presents radical challenges for major organizations in our traditional economy. Innovations, technologies and new practices are being deployed worldwide in ever shorter cycles. New innovative, exponentially capitalised companies are achieving extremely rapid growth and reversing established positions. Clients and staff are aspiring to new kinds of interaction, collaboration, sharing, work and management. Acceleration and iterative operations are becoming new business standards, and communities and cooperation the new organizational pattern.

Negotiating the digital hurdle is now a necessity and sometimes even a question of survival. Companies urgently need to accelerate digital transformation to take advantage of new opportunities and sources of growth, maintain or gain a competitive advantage and support radical economic and corporate development. 

Since the multi-layered search for rapidity began, it has challenged our strategic thinking, even down to the level of our daily work: reviewing business models; redefining brand promises and service offers; redesigning customer experiences; identifying new uses; targeting decisions more accurately using data processing; accepting new ways of working; taking a fresh look at managerial relations and planning one’s brand as tomorrow’s employer; transforming organizations and their governance, practices and culture; motivating and mobilizing in the digital era.

In short, the aim is to learn how to ensure rapid digital transformation in concrete terms.

Eurogroup Consulting’s teams work with La Javaness, our digital start-up accelerator, to help you successfully manage your digital leap.

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Innovative business models

Planning updated corporate strategies and business models for digital transition by mobilizing innovative value-creation ecosystems.

Service design

Creating appropriate user experiences and digital services, whether user or technology-oriented.

Quantitative intelligence

Integrating quantitative approaches, big data analysis and artificial intelligence in the organisational-issue management process.

Digital leap

Transforming organisations, management, forms of cooperation and skills to ensure they are relevant and innovative in the digital era.

Digital production

Deploying digital processes, flexible methods and technological architectures to facilitate digital transition.

Mobilization in the digital era

Mobilizing human resources to support digital transformation and lead change with new digital tools.

Digital Technology Eurogroup Consulting

Digital Technology Eurogroup Consulting