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Scale up your digital transformation!

Technology puts into question the organisation of private and public organisations. Innovation and new uses are flourishing across sectors faster than ever. Clients, users and teams aspire to new collaborative working practices and flexible management styles. Iterative and accelerated processes have become standards for business; agile methods and communities have become standards for organisations.
To face the challenges posed by innovation and large-scale digital transformation, Eurogroup Consulting, in partnership with its startup acceleration La Javaness, offers support programmes to organisations willing to undertake the digital transformation journey.
Eurogroup Consulting – La Javaness is the alliance of specialised consultants in transformation, change management, managerial innovation, with digital experts specialised in UX, Data and AI, Digital Marketing and IT. This ensures full coverage of the transformation continuum, by creating synergies between the technological and human dimensions.

The international network NextContinent, cofounded by Eurogroup Consulting, counts 1500 consultants and a plethora of scientific profiles from all specialisations: architects, designers, chief technology officers, data scientists, hardware engineers, IOT, … This enables Eurogroup Consulting to operate in any area of the world, thanks to 15 global research and experimental Labs which are at the cutting edge of innovation.

They are able to advise on business issues (smart cities, e-mobility, connected commerce) as well as technological issues (artificial intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, RPA, CyberSecurity), and managerial topics thanks to the ESSEC Business School Chair on Managerial Innovation and Operational Excellence and Eurogroup Consulting’s Managerial Innovation Lab.

Our office in San Francisco acts as a bridge between top Silicon Valley expertise and talent, and big European companies implementing digital transformation.

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- Smart ideation and rapid prototyping

- Business, experience and service design

- Acceleration programmes

Data Transformation

- Resolution of business challenges using Artificial Intelligence

- Data strategy and data transformation programmes

- Data Labs


- Acculturation programmes and Digital Academy

- Scaling up agile methods across the organisation

- Digital Factories

- Digitisation and robotisation of processes

Digital Technology Eurogroup Consulting

Digital Technology Eurogroup Consulting