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Accelerating global change in working methods and resources, digitisation, increasingly short product life cycles, customer-needs versatility and new market demands - such shifts require an improved management of Human Resources as people have become key in organisational succeess.

Responding to emerging issues

The corporate human landscape is changing radically today with longer working lives, the co-existence of three generations with extremely disparate aspirations and relations within the world of employment, increased awareness of quality of life in the workplace and a responsible approach towards diversity. The services supplied by HR departments must adapt to assimilate personalised but still ‘industrial’ approaches that will enable each employee to progress, increasingly commit and deliver the performance expected.

Occupations are changing faster and faster, involving new ways of working (digital, flexible office, itinerancy, etc.) and far broader access to information and its processing. It is the responsibility of companies to anticipate career developments and prepare change by working to ensure the compatibility between future needs and current resources over time.

A new relationship with their seniors and occupational changes also impact on the role of managers. Companies and HR departments need more efficient ways to identify tomorrow’s managers and support them in their new job…

… while still controlling the HR function

Cost control remains a constant concern for both the company and its HR department: lean, shared resources, shared services centres, etc.

In the field of HR development, departments must integrate new approaches and radically modernise training, hiring and mobility to satisfy demand for HR service reliability, accessibility and innovation.

The Eurogroup Consulting HR community

To deal with these issues, Eurogroup Consulting has set up an HR community to provide support for HR departments that are implementing transformation, and also contribute to their projects, providing a fresh, innovative, eclectic vision that cross-references multi-sectoral experiences.

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- Capitalising on the benefits of digital technology (flexible office, simple working, digital working, etc.).
- Modernising services provided to internal clients (improving processing reactivity, etc.).
- Adopting a participatory approach (creation of virtual communities, etc.).


- Optimising the performance of HR services and helping to professionalise the field.
- Anticipating changes in occupations and skills related to transformations of corporate environment and strategy.
- Assisting progress in managerial practice and culture.
- Modernising HR development processes (training, hiring, assessment, etc.) in order to be more attentive to employee aspirations (mobility, career paths) and retain the best staff.


- Transforming work organization and resource management to ensure greater flexibility (teleworking, itinerancy) and security.
- Ensuring good quality of life at work.

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