Pro Bono Lab

Our volunteer teams help multiple organisations

For 15 years, Eurogroup Consulting has committed to projects for the benefit of companies. All of these activities are driven from our Eurogroup Foundation.

We partner with Pro Bono Lab, a company that brings together teams of volunteers to generously provide advice to small and medium sized organisations free of charge. These projects allow social enterprises to access skills that they might need, such as marketing, communication, strategy, finance, human resources, building websites, law, etc.

Our pro bono days

Since 2012, Pro Bono Lab has supported approximately 100 organisations by bringing together 34 volunteer companies to provide more than 32,000 pro bono hours. We were very impressed by their concept of ‘consulting speed dating’ and, in 2014, decided to go beyond our traditional consulting offerings and ask our teams to put their skills towards helping other companies. For each pro bono day, 25 employees help respond to the challenges of 3 social entreprises.

Probono Lab Factory: the Probono marathon

Since 2017, we have participated in an inter-company marathon created by Pro Bono Lab : the Probono Factory, in partnership with the business district of Paris La Défense Over two days, Eurogroup Consulting and other companies within La Défense come together to support organisations with their issues. At the end of each day, the volunteers submit a comprehensive kit to the company, complete with tools and recommendations.