Experienced consultant

Requirements: This section is for you if you have between 3 and 6 years of relevant experience. Depending on your profile, two roles are available for you.       

Senior Consultant 

You have an extensive experience of consulting and you are capable of playing a proactive role. You are regularly required to produce complex deliverables with a great deal of independence. You are seen as a contact of choice and a strong source of proposals for your clients. You have a recognised role in guiding and mentoring less experienced members of the staff to help them find their place in the organization.

Supervising Senior 

You are experienced in delivering and are able to manage projects completely autonomously. On an assignment, you can handle difficulties and deal with unforeseen circumstances. You play an active part in commercial initiatives. Your recognised leadership skills enable you to coordinate a team or teams over the long term. You are able to supervise and optimise the progress of consultants.

A dynamic and collaborative career management 

At Eurogroup Consulting, staff career development is a strategic priority. Our assessment process is collaborative and based on skills criteria that are determined according to grade and transparent to all. The series of assessment criteria is applied by a team made up of both human resources staff and senior managers.


Throughout your career, you will be assisted by a mentor whose role will be to guide you within the consulting world and Eurogroup Consulting. They will listen to your expectations, help you as you progress and challenge you to acquire new skills though the year and during assessment interviews conducted three times a year. 

The assessment process: a time for dialogue

Each assignment you work on will be included in the assessment process. It will be subject to personal managerial monitoring in which your performance, skills acquisition and areas of progress during the assignment are evaluated. These points will provide an opportunity for dialogue between your mentor, your operational managers and you. With an eye to career progress, Eurogroup Consulting implements assessments based on your professional, sectoral and operational skills. 
The series of assessment criteria will enable you to identify your opportunities for progress and your strong points. We believe in flexibility and accountability, and we encourage commitment and personal initiative.     

Training: cultivating talent

The aim of our training – a key factor in personal development – is to enhance your skills in line with Eurogroup Consulting's business needs. The development of human resources is a core priority for us. 

Training: customised plans for each grade

Our training plans adapt to the needs and expectations of each grade. It is structured around learning, mastery of the basics of consulting and the development of your sectoral and operational expertise. Its strong educational content consists of alternating theoretical and simulation exercises through a combination of general and customised modules. 

The Senior School is for both senior consultants and supervising seniors with variations according to the grade. Its goal is to develop your professional and technical skills, as well as interpersonal aspects with Team Building days.

You are a senior consultant? Your training will be more specifically related to understanding the client’s environment and the needs of the assignment.
You are a supervising senior? The priority is based on your management of assignments, your commercial role, your discovery of operational management and your preparation for promotion to a managerial grade.

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