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A sector facing radical reform

Local authorities face pressure to take better account of citizens' needs and help reduce local public expenditure.

Authorities are to respond more effectively to user demand…

For public operators, the transformations driven by the 'digital revolution' provide considerable opportunities in terms of both the content of services and the way of delivering them. The challenge is to align all these projects with the main strategic approaches of an office term and, then, simplify formalities in order to optimize local public services...

… while seeking to control costs more effectively

This is where the issue lies for local politicians and their departments: to ‘do more with less'.

In the effort to reconcile cost control and good investment management, what is at stake is: debt control and protection of self-funding capabilities, while maintaining a balance between income, operational needs and investment budgets. This is an absolutely crucial question since it ties in with public expectations that resources will be used efficiently.

Hence, there is an urgent need to strengthen local governance structure, optimize the operation of local authorities, assess local public policies and pool some functions in order to gain more leeway.

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Optimizing the organization and governance of council services

Helping local authorities to implement improvements in order to make budgetary savings through progress in governance and the transformation of public procurement and project management.

A digital plan for the ‘Conseil général’ level of governance in France

Designing the project for a shift to ‘100% digital’ of a whole ‘département’: diagnosis of the digital maturity of main public policies (social action, infrastructures, education, etc.) and the internal organization and planning of a roadmap based on user experience, the suggestion of new services and the implementation of new modes of operation.

Creation of a local public establishment

Designing and assisting the deployment of a new public establishment in the cultural domain: planning and carrying out structural operations for the new public establishment (legal, finance, HR, IS, departments, governance, etc.), based on council departments and an association granted a ‘delegation of public service’, and support for the opening of the new establishment.

Simplification of procedures and dematerialisation in local facilities for the disabled (e.g. French MDPHs)

Diagnosing the operation of French MDPHs and quality of service supplied to users: analysis of the user itinerary and the application processing system at the MDPHs, and recommendations for the dematerialisation of forms, reorganisation of reception and optimisation of user counselling.

Reviewing the steering system of a conurbation

Setting up a dashboard and indicators for general management services: rollout of a ‘Balance ScoreCard’ approach to turn them into an analytical (rather than simply a reporting) tool shared by all the departments and aligned with the priorities of the plan for the term of office.

Territorial Authorities Eurogroup Consulting

Territorial Authorities Eurogroup Consulting