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Eurogroup Consulting’s Team and Staff Management Department (DMEH) is a body aiming to increase the self-awareness of company heads and managers in order to facilitate their success within their organization. The DMEH consultant’s expert skills are built on two foundations.

Firstly, assessment enables a better grasp of potential, personality traits and behaviour, and provides an opportunity to work with the person assessed to produce an individual report and evaluate lines of progress for the future. Assessment is a prerequisite for the implementation of a personal development plan.

Secondly, individual and/or group support is based on the monitoring of persons or teams to ensure that they express their full potential and develop their skills and their personality. 

DMEH works with its clients to deploy assessment centres and development centres, whose tasks range from the planning and implementation of processes according to the company’s expectations to the supply of conclusions to participants and other interested parties within the company.

We assist companies with the development of their human capital by providing solid bases for decision-making, identifying talent and contributing to loyalty-enhancement deployment policies.

We believe that if assessment is to be efficient, it requires the cooperation of the participant and their commitment to the process, and it depends on the quality of their relationship with the consultant involved.

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Detecting talent

- Exploring different levels of responsibility in a company or structure: young people, future leaders and key contributors.
- Deploying efficient talent-detection processes.


- Planning development centres or assessment centres based on the skills set of the company or institution.
- Deploying individual or group assessment centres with the use of tried and trusted tools: personality and cognitive testing, job-situation simulation, 360°, etc.


- Holding individual review meetings with each participant to look at their strong points and lines of progress.


- Drawing up development initiative plans according to a tripartite model that involves the HR department, the participant, and the relevant DMEH consultant: training and individual support or personal work to promote creative dynamics or enable the expression of leadership skills to ensure team commitment.


- Using occupational reviews to develop internal mobility and so capitalise on the company’s internal resources.

Team and Individual Management Eurogroup Consulting

Team and Individual Management Eurogroup Consulting