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Socioeconomic, technological and financial developments are resulting in major doubts about the sustainability of the business models of many organizations. They must consequently implement radical change to become more competitive and successful.

In this context, financial managements must review their position and identify the correct balance between cost control and development support.
On the one hand, they must take a fresh look at the issue of financial performance: what kind of return on investment does the company want? What is the importance of ROI against a corporate background of accelerating innovation and increased competitiveness? How should corporate resources be allocated? On the other hand, the financial departments must review their positions to ensure that they act as much in the interest of shareholders as they do in that of the general management and other departments.

Consequently, aside from their usual tasks (management control, compliance with accounting regulations, management of funds, etc.), financial departments have to deal with four key issues.

The first is to ensure that their financial strategies take into account market and investor pressure in a tighter financial context.

The second is to contribute to the company’s development by not only targeting their action on cost reduction or ‘zero risk’, but also by helping the company to plan a new, more competitive business model for tomorrow.

The third is to learn to look beyond short-term obligations (solvency, profitability) and focus on the requirements of sustainability in the medium and long term, particularly in terms of investment and value creation.

The fourth goal is to support a more effective inclusion of financial considerations in job performance.

In response to these issues, Eurogroup Consulting acts as a facilitator and high-level consulting service for financial managers, bringing a combination of financial expertise and professional knowledge to the task.


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Rolling out strategies

- Aligning the finance department with the overall strategy of the organisation and becoming a source of proposals for general management, functional departments and business lines: questioning the business model and focusing on the relevancy of ROI and resource-allocation strategy.

Improving and steering performance

- Defining and perpetuating planning and steering methods for financial and operational performance.

Transforming organizations

- Developing and implementing organizational models liable to optimise the role of finance in relation to structures, processes, skills and information systems.

Mobilizing teams

- Increasing the involvement of financial specialists and managers in order to foster a genuine financial culture at every level of the organization.

Finance & Management Eurogroup Consulting

Finance & Management Eurogroup Consulting