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Moving to a more agile change model 

The acceleration of changes, the growing need to mobilize more internal players to drive radical transformations and increasing expectations with regard to collaboration and the digitization of organizations are all factors that justify the transition from an instrumental-change management mode to an agile-change management mode. 
The agile-change model is:

  • More experimental
  • More collaborative, implying a greater level of co-construction
  • More socialising, operating through networking systems
  • More iterative
  • More open in terms of leeway, which is transferred back down to the operational level
  • More secure in terms of internalisation and anchorage

Internalisation and empowerment at the heart of agile change

Our internalisation model of agile-change management is based on 4 pillars:

  • Build the role of change agents, trained and recognized as key partners
  • Create new tools through participative approaches
  • Experimentat and implement  on concrete projects
  • Facilitate the network of change agents

Recreating leeway to develop empowerment

The agile model is based on the idea of developing leeway. The model effectively consists of providing real leeway at all levels of management – from the highest to the most operational – and even at the client level when it is relevant.
This leeway can cover both the target of change (What are we working towards? What are the processes, functions, target tools?, etc.) and the path towards the target of change (How can we reach this target? What modalities must be implemented? Who should play a role in implementation? What should the trajectory be?, etc.).
At every level of management, we clarify the management constraints and leeway on which we work with participative workshops. There will be no co-construction concerning imposed elements (constraints), only possible purge and catharsis workshops. 
The online -workshop sequences developed by EGC Factory are adapted to the problematics of every level of management.



L'offre Eurogroup Consulting - Agile change Eurogroup Consulting



- Developing digital approaches among 20,000 staff by internalising a participative digital-workshops approach


- Setting up a new organisation through an agile-change approach on every level from the executive committee to staff, and having them work on the leeway they are given


- Providing tools for 250 managers through participative digital workshops so as to help them develop managerial innovation within their departments


- Setting up participative workshops where staff can express themselves and work together to build and imagine action plans they believe should be implemented


- Setting up remote digital workshops using the EGC FACTORY solution, so as to get teams moving and ensure their participation in the most impacting concrete initiatives


- Building a network of change agents, key transformation partners on the field, training them, equipping them with tools and endorsing them with C2C ESSEC certification


- Steering the adoption of change with an ICAP measurement barometer, enabling a grasp of levels of information, understanding, approval and participation related to change

Agile change Eurogroup Consulting

Agile change Eurogroup Consulting