Duty & Satisfaction

We – like every strategic, management and organizational consultancy – all use the same words

DNA, independence, responsibility, lasting / permanent / measurable / tangible results, innovation, partnership, entrepreneurship, transformation, commitment, optimisation, respect, operational, individuality, people as the basis of value creation, humility, excellence, complexity, personalisation, pragmatism, clean breaks, partner, trust, values, culture, performance, operational solutions, stock market, international, major groups, proximity, transformation, change…

We – at Eurogroup Consulting – apply our skills on a daily basis for the benefit of our clients or over a coffee.

We do things simply and embody two other, rarer words: Duty and Satisfaction.

We do our Duty because for more than 30 years, we have been carrying out our WORK AS CONSULTANTS for our clients in every business sector.

And doing our job is fundamentally linked to the idea of Satisfaction – yours and ours – because we practice THE ART OF MOBILIZATION (participatory consulting, cooperative construction) wherever you need it.

The proof? Your feedback

You, our clients:

“At least with you, there’s no wreckage afterwards!”
“In the end, you do things as well as XXX, but more simply.”
“When people get to know you, they want to work with you again.”
“Use us as a megaphone, you’re not as well-known as you should be.”

You, our alumni:

“I was left with the impression that Eurogroup is a very special firm that stands out, surprises, challenges the rules and shakes up stilted ideas, and rethinks its identity with its clients; a firm whose essence lies more in trust and relations than in discipline and set methods.”

“Eurogroup Consulting made an impression on me because of the people I met there. They trained me, helped me, hauled me over the coals, supported me, raised my spirits and trusted me. I came to a few firm conclusions: you can’t do anything alone; success can only be collective; if there’s no pleasure, things don’t taste so good; pleasure has to be built, it’s a state of mind! What I got out of Eurogroup Consulting was meeting challenges in my assignments and experiencing a wide variety of environments. The firm helped me flourish professionally and build up my identity. If I have a great job today, it’s also because of everything I was given – and gave too – at the firm.”

You, our partners and beneficiaries of our commitments:

A beneficiary (J. Gatignon – Envie 2E)

“The report made at the end of the assignment is extremely motivating. We no longer feel totally lost. We know where we’re going.” 
Virginie K., Assédea: a beneficiary association

“Faithful to the distinctiveness of its approaches, Eurogroup Consulting didn’t immediately focus on the music itself with a view to using it to promote the firm’s image, but genuinely got to know the people who made the music – the musicians – and the essential, delicate combination of qualities each individual needs to achieve excellence when the time comes to play for listeners.”
Bruno Hamard, Director General of the Orchestre de Paris