Conduct your digital transformation

Conducting the digital transformation of major groups and administrations with the responsiveness of a start-up

audacity | open innovation | disruptive economic model | cooperation with all our many partners | creation of suitable client experiences | responsiveness | rapidity of experimentation-incrementation-market launch | appealing to new generations

Because digital technology is a radical economic and social departure
Because start-ups have identified an efficient market-penetration model
A new chapter has been opened in business history has begun
Major organizations must radically change

 Eurogroup Consulting has launched La Javaness, the first ‘full-stack’ digital start-up accelerator

Grégoire Virat, Eurogroup Consulting partner responsible for digital technology

3 ingredients to achieve and accelerate digital transformation:

The successful management of sectoral issues and business lines, as well as data and technologies
Rapidity of open design, prototyping and upgrading to the level of new services
Cooperation with a selection of innovative start-ups 

The services of Eurogroup Consulting / La Javaness are backed by the consultants’ knowhow and digital expertise and start-up ecosystem methods

Alexandre Martinelli, La Javaness founder