YUMP Academy

YUMP is aimed at people from disadvantaged areas of the Paris region who have ideas for corporate projects with strong job-creation potential

It provides a general framework designed to combat all kinds of discrimination and favour equal opportunity through value creation and an active contribution to the economic development of listed ‘urban policy’ areas. As much in these disadvantaged areas as in any other rural or urban environment, many young women and men have the spirit, ambition and urge to set up their own enterprise. This observation holds true whatever the level of qualification of the young people consulted.

YUMP operates collaboratively as a main entrepreneurial training contractor, combining e-learning on a gaming platform, collective intelligence and mobile training (at YUMP’s partner businesses), and it delegates contractorship per field of business to associations and public or private bodies with which it has partnership agreements.

In 2014, Eurogroup Consulting signed an exclusive partnership agreement with YUMP in its capacity as a strategic consultancy, providing a package distinct from those of other partner businesses. We host two classes of Yumpers and provide them with 1 hour a week of individual tutoring for 1 year. Group workshops are held approximately once a month to complete the program. Since spring 2015, we have welcomed around fifteen Yumpers to the Tour Vista in 2 groups. The events also provide an opportunity for internal facilitation, since the tutors take their responsibilities very seriously and also spend time exchanging feedback with each other.