Orchestre de Paris

Excellence, High Standards and Harmony

Since 2006, Eurogroup Consulting has been the main patron of the Orchestre de Paris. A rewarding commitment based on shared values of excellence, high standards and harmony.

The encounter of two worlds: music and business

Our meeting with the Orchestre de Paris provided an opportunity to compare two worlds that do not often interact with eachother: culture and business. The parallel between the experience of a team of consultants and the dynamics of an orchestra seemed obvious to us and made our patronage an occasion for sharing, dialogue and personal exchange.

What image could better reflect what we aim to be than an orchestra (with all its different instruments and huge variety of scores) performing a work? Individual respect and collective strength provide us both with genuine differentiation.


The seasons of the Orchestre de Paris are rhythmed by concerts and dress rehearsals, which are valued by our clients and consultants. In the 2014/2015 season, the new Philharmonie de la Villette concert facility opened. This was an opportunity for the orchestra to realise an ambitious artistic and cultural project, and for Eurogroup Consulting to share in some highly exhilarating experiences.

Discover our sound identity:

It was made by 50 musicians of the Orchestre de Paris.