Goal COP 21

Gilles Bonnenfant, CEO

It was in Madagascar in 2005 that I personally experienced the impact of climate change. I also became aware of such issues as the plundering of resources, the destruction of landscapes, poverty rooted in a lack of democracy and the confiscation of wealth by the few at the expense of the vast majority.
The subject of sustainable development has slowly been coming to the fore since then, both in our society and at Eurogroup Consulting.
Climate deniers against ecologists, informed citizens but cautious, mainly unconcerned professionals, we have evolved to develop a ‘corporate conscience’.
Today, I am convinced that environmental awareness is a core issue in the practice of consulting. It provides a medium-term perspective to deal with questions that are of crucial importance to both us and our partners: what kinds of impacts is climate change having on our occupations? How could we discharge our ADVISORY DUTIES towards our clients without concerning ourselves with the issue of the ‘low carbon employee’? And beyond that, how could we develop our thinking without taking into account the ‘low carbon citizen’?

The COP21 Paris World Climate Conference has provided a golden opportunity to accelerate this growing awareness and to develop new skills. Without wishing to be naïve – it was a highly publicised event, but there had been others before and there will be more in future – I see it as essential that we should play a role in this area. That is the purpose of the plan of action launched last July, which will continue to apply well beyond the end of 2015.