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The purpose of the Eurogroup Consulting Observatoire is to share global intelligence information with Eurogroup Consulting’s current and prospective clients and friends 

Without controversy or taboos; reliably and not complacently.

Refuting received ideas, ending the compartmentalisation of expertise that prevents innovation, challenging conventional thinking (which is mainly an absence of thinking): such are the aims of the Eurogroup Consulting Observatoire.

Expressing convictions, describing the world as it is and not as we are told it is, and remembering that every strategy must take into account long-term history, territories and identities: that is the Observatoire’s wish.

And its ambition? Simply to give you food for thought… especially if you disagree!

The orientations of the Observatoire

The major approaches that inspire the Observatoire’s different services and make a difference

World background after globalisation
Globalisation has been the decisive influence over the last thirty years. It is reaching fruition: there are now more cell phones in circulation than human beings on the planet! So what forces will shape the world?

Growth… but what kind?
Economic growth is a recent phenomenon. It has provided unprecedented progress in living conditions, but is also the source of increasing problems. What will be the key aspects of what we will call growth over the twenty years to come?

Confronting the world
The world anticipated in the 1990s – with the end of history and global democracy – has failed to match predictions. Countries are returning to isolationism, borders are reappearing and walls are being raised. So what will the future world be like?

Confronting the extinction of diversity
Although we celebrate diversity, we are actually witnessing the sixth great extinction of biodiversity in 4.5 billion years. The accelerating disappearance of non-Western human languages, cultures and societies shows that human diversity is being lost too. What impacts should we expect this standardisation and the movements it triggers to have?

The open trap of words
The European Union, the West, free trade… We use and base our decisions on words whose meanings have been lost or have changed. Is the European Union Europe? Does ‘the West’ mean anything other than the national interests of the USA? Is the free circulation of goods, services, capital and people a politically viable principle? 

The Empire of Law
Law versus customs, distinctions and democracy: growing contradictions are engulfing our companies, which have to arbitrate between rooted realities, individualities and increasingly exacting identities, and ever more standardised, restrictive norms. How can we reconcile the doing of enterprise and the self-determination of human societies?

French influence
We have moved on from the days when Boutros Boutros Ghali (Secretary General of the United Nations) said, “French is the language of the non-aligned.” The main influence impacting on systems of thinking, organizational principles and strategic concepts is no longer French. So how can France regain a leadership role in the shaping of the systems, models and principles that will govern the world in the 21st century?

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Making sense of it all

What a word means; what lies behind a figure, a statistic, a piece of information. A short exercise in decipherment that is often provocative and sometimes funny, but always lucid.


Short notes that report on a country, a region or an economic, social or political issue to identify implications and avoid received ideas.

Situation updates

Precise reports based on facts and sources that enable strategies to be validated or reviewed, priorities to be changed and pitfalls avoided.

Strategic notes/ by subscription

Dedicated to a market, sector or macroeconomic phenomenon, these notes facilitate the decisions of managers and their choices in areas vital to their organization. 

Our Observatoire Eurogroup Consulting

Our Observatoire Eurogroup Consulting