A place of inspiration

A haven where we cultivate the practical and the pleasurable 

Our nomadic consultants spend most of their time working on assignments at their clients’ premises.
However their ‘base camp’ is the Tour Vista, a highly luminous port of call with a breathtaking, panoramic view that stretches from Paris to La Défense business district.
Pieces of Art work by artists in residence are exhibited in the tower.

Team work
Drawing up of sales proposals, capitalization and sharing of experience, research and innovation, and workshops for clients, partners and associations -  the community is involved in all activities 

Collective and personal development
Seminars, conferences, training, recruitment interviews, assessment play an active role in the development of individualities.

Community activities
The community shares a lot through a number of social gatherings that take place within the company. Might it be at the 22nd floor bar during a Friday's convivial Happy Hours, or at the event which celebrated the 10 years of Eurogroup Autrement, The Decarbonized Citizen, associations events, our honey harvest, ... The company building is host to a lot of different activities, which enable the community to engage in causes they believe in and share valuable experience as well as enjoyable moments.

Innovation for both our clients and ourselves
We organise After Work to learn about startups and complete our service offer.  From this perspective stemmed the organization of an Innovation Half-Marathon which involved consultants and graphic artists. Why? To design apps to assist our mobilization assignments. Team brainstorming and lively ‘battles’ happen on the 22nd floor!