Our Factory


Mobilising and conducting agile transformations

Developing organisations, management and forms of collaboration, and the skills needed to make them flexible in the digital era...

Eurogroup Consulting is providing concrete solutions today through its Digital Innovation Laboratory: EGC FACTORY.


EGC FACTORY develops digital solutions and supports participatory approaches and collective intelligence within your organisations to ensure: 

  • Agile change
  • Ongoing-improvement approaches
  • Managerial innovation and development 

We provide you with:

  • Workshop solutions: many workshops regularly created in partnership with our clients and HEC Montreal and ESSEC specialists to address a variety of subjects (digital transition, innovation, cohesion, change management, lean management, etc.)
  • Support and coaching: assistance from experts that will help you to address your different subjects (social-science and management academics, facilitation specialists, lean-process experts, psychologists, coaches, etc.)

A "disruptive room": installation on your premises of a disruptive area planned by designers to increase the momentum of teams, collective intelligence and innovation.

Work with complete autonomy

The box ensures that the experience runs smoothly for both facilitators and participants. Its innovative system automatically generates a secure local Wi-Fi network enabling you to facilitate your different workshops in places without access to an external Wi-Fi network with no distractions.
Its operation is simple: turn on the box, connect your tablets or PCs to the box’s Wi-Fi network and you are ready to start facilitating.