Our academy


Eurogroup Consulting assists its clients with their transformation and change-related projects (through its core business assignments linked to mobilization), but the firm has always provided operational training related to the wide range of subjects covered by its expertise, too.

Responsibility for this broad array of training courses based on skills development and aimed at both private and public clients has been consolidated within the Eurogroup Consulting Academy since 2015.

Behavioural training (customer-oriented service attitudes, service quality, relational posture, etc.) and certifiable training (competitive and territorial intelligence, risk management, etc.) take a customised approach and are sometimes co-developed with our partners. 

The creation of the Academy for the dedicated management of our educational activity should enable us to implement an ambitious growth plan in this area.

In 2015, the Eurogroup Consulting Academy worked with EM Normandie to create a Competitive Intelligence BADGE (Aptitude Audit Issued by the Grandes Écoles).