Eurogroup Autrement


Eurogroup Autrement, Eurogroup Consulting’s skills sponsorship programme... 

... was launched in 2001 by consultancy staff who realised the importance of playing a part in social initiatives.

Eurogroup Autrement provides organisational and management consultancy services free of charge to help organisations of public interest develop their activity, achieve their objectives and implement major change.

Eurogroup Autrement is run on an everyday basis by a team of volunteer consultants.


What associations have to say about Eurogroup Autrement

In my opinion, Eurogroup Autrement’s intelligence is the creative tension between two vital functions – the heart and the mind – enabling the elaboration of major projects for the benefit of humanity
Laurent de Cherisey, Director of the Simon de Cyrène association

Extraordinary. Sharing problems and difficulties, and vision, too. We were not alone, looking in the same direction and bringing a sense to our initiatives.
Fatima Riahi, Director of the Les Jardins de la Montagne Verte association

The consultants’ experience of Eurogroup Autrement

A new vision of how to do my job
A consultant

A remarkable new experience of social commitment.
Awareness of the voluntary sector.

Based on our consultants’ knowhow, the program addresses the following issues:

  • Planning, sharing and applying your strategies

  • Improving your internal organisation and governance
  • Professionalising your project management
  • Mobilizing your teams
  • Structuring your economic model
  • Providing assistance for your IT and digital transformation
  • Improving your human-resources management
  • Reducing your costs
  • Implementing risk management

Since it was founded, Eurogroup Autrement has assisted: