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Stéphane Hurstel


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Stéphane Hurstel has more than 9 years’ experience in organisational and management consulting.

After handling a large number of transformation projects in a wide range of business sectors, Stéphane joined Eurogroup Consulting in 2011 and began to specialise in the Aeronautics & Defence sector.

The many assignments he has carried out for major French industrial groups have enabled him to develop expert skills related to technical-project management methods and tools, the deployment of configuration management systems and the optimisation of industrial development processes.
With a keen interest in intercultural management, fluent in English and German, Stéphane regularly works on international assignments and with other NextContinent companies.

Beyond the Aeronautics & Defence sector, Stéphane has also conducted many projects related to information systems, from the creation of information-system master plans to the main contractorship of transformation projects.