Trainee consultant

You will familiarise yourself with the consultant’s profession and assimilate the working approaches of the firm

We offer six month end-of-studies training courses. You will have opportunities to gain experience of a wide variety of different situations, projects and business sectors and environments.

Trainees working as members of our teams

Like all our staff, you will attend a day of introduction, which includes a general presentation of the firm and the consulting profession. At Eurogroup Consulting, you will work as part of a team regardless of the business sector, either on assignment or carrying out in-house research.


All through your training period, you will be assisted by a school mentor. They will be your special contact, listening to you and making sure that you settle in at the firm. You will also benefit from regular monitoring conducted by our human resources team, who will ensure you are making proper progress and realising the full potential of your training.

End-of-course assessment

You will be assessed by your operational manager in relation to the objectives set at the start of the course. During the meeting, you will receive feedback on your work and will be able to share your impressions of your experience in the firm. End-of-studies courses may lead to an offer of employment.

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