Manager / Principal

You have more than 6 years of experience? Then this section is for you!

Two grades could be open to you.

You will actively contribute to the business development of the firm. You will manage multiple assignments and ensure quality of service. You will lead and manage your teams. You will make a major contribution to developing the skills of the young consultants. You will be a key player in the transfer of knowhow to the firm’s staff.

Senior manager 
You have professional expertise. You can handle every aspect of the management of assignments and teams, and drive the firm’s development. Your media publications and reputation among professionals will increase the firm’s influence. As a major player in commercial development, you will ensure that assignments show a good profit. You also have leadership qualities and can work with different players.

Dynamically paced career management

At Eurogroup Consulting, staff career development is a major strategic issue. The assessment process is completely open and based on skills criteria that are determined according to grade and known to all.

Our career management system for managers and senior managers takes into account far more than just skills acquisition criteria. It is based on your ability to mobilize your environment while preparing yourself for new responsibilities. You will be a vector of development potential and involved in the firm’s strategic orientations.

Your overall performance will be based on three distinct approaches: a client approach related to your business development and investment; a management and leadership approach related to your in-house team management, contributions and commitments; finally an approach related to your role in the transfer of knowledge and in promoting the firm’s image.

Training: cultivating talent

The aim of our training – a key factor in personal development – is to enhance your skills in line with the firm’s business needs. Development of human resources is a core priority in our consulting business.

Training: customised packages for each grade

Our training plan adapts to the needs and expectations of each grade. The Managerial School provides you with a personalised course consisting of a number of modules that are designed to meet all your business-related needs and enable you as a manager or senior manager to expand your operational perimeters.

You are a manager? The prioritised modules revolve around professional basics and your team management and sales techniques. The main goal is to facilitate your integration within the Managerial Group.

You are a senior manager? You will work on developing your sales techniques and leadership skills, and acquiring strategic supports

English training is also provided to meet needs related to your work and improve your language skills. Our training provides inter-sectoral openings and enables you to discuss your experiences and successes, along with the complex situations you encounter in your client companies.

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