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Transport & Logistics

Rail shippers: answer the online questionnaire about rail freight

The 02/11/2019

The Barometer of shippers’ perception on rail freight enables to assess the satisfaction of rail shippers at the European level regarding the service that trail transportation offers them. Answer the online questionnaire to give us your vision of rail freight.

This edition organized in partnership with AUTF, GNTC, AFRA, Institut du Commerce, TLF, OFP, UTP, UIC et SNCF Réseau will be the occasion to underline trends observed on the last five years and to provide a comparative analysis between past observations and current expectations of European shippers.

As a major economic player, your vision seems to us indispensable to carry out the edition of this Barometer.

The confidentiality of answers is guaranteed, only consolidated results will be disseminated, excluding any information per company. 

You will only need 10 minutes to answer the online questionnaire.

It will be available until March 8th 2019.

Results will be reported during the afternoon of the European Rail Freight Day, on March 28nd.

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