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Gilles Bonnenfant


ExCom Member

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Gilles Bonnenfant has never lost his taste for wide-open spaces and adventure. While carrying on his previous consulting work for the highest government authorities, he also conducted a vast campaign for the renewal and international expansion of the firm.

An engineering graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers (1987), Gilles Bonnenfant briefly trod the oilfields of the USA before beginning a career entirely devoted to corporate consulting.

As a consultant, he conducted many assignments for major private and public clients (industry, services and finance) and then took over Eurogroup Consulting’s Public, Parapublic and Regulated Industries division. A number of teams of consultants regularly acted for major cultural operators in that sector.

A specialist in strategy, organisation and change management for more than twenty years, Gilles Bonnenfant facilitates all Eurogroup Consulting’s research into these issues in the public sector. In 2009, he launched the Public Transformation Conference held annually in partnership with the DGAFP and ENA, and was behind many publications dealing with the modernisation of state-owned bodies. In this area, he personally decided to commit Eurogroup Consulting to the creation of a new collection on cultural management, backed and published by Harmattan.

Gilles Bonnenfant is also a member of the Management Committee of the Foundation of the Orchestre de Paris Circle and Chair of the Committee of Foreign Trade Advisors for the Hauts de Seine département of the Paris region. He also chairs the National ‘Attractivité de la France’ Commission.