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Mena Congress speakers share their thoughts : Anne-Laure Noat from Eurogroup Consulting

Le 18/04/2018

As we approach the MENA Transport Congress & Exhibition (23-25 April) in Dubai, our programme, panel sessions and list of speakers and participants is rapidly taking shape. Over the next week we will be sitting down with several of our Congress speakers and panellists to get their thoughts on MENA, public transport and the industry going forward.

Up next, we’re pleased to bring you some thoughts from Anne-Laure Noat, Chair of UITP Business and Human Resources Management Commission Partner at Eurogroup Consulting in France.

This year’s edition of the MENA Transport Congress & Exhibition is based around the theme of 'Pioneering for Customer Happiness', recognising that customers are at the core of public transport service, how important do you think this theme is for public transport right now?

I think this theme is key because in this age of automation and robotisation, human relations remain at the heart of customer satisfaction. [...]

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